Phil-Co Industrial Painting Inc
Shop truck
Delivery of Oilfield Missle (Manifold) trailer to Midland Texas
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The office IMG 1037 Truck was rebuilt from wrecked truck with burned wiring.  Second truck served as a donor. Phil-Co body shop disassembled truck down to the frame
And painted everything, frame, body engine, transmission... All the painted truck parts were delivered on flat-bed trailer for assembly Phil-Co added generous portions of style and a dash of chrome
Leroy John, assembled all the parts and rewired Oilfield missile, a manifold on trailer Manufactured in Sulphur OK.  Phil-CO painted and delivered to Midland TX IMG 1056
Into the sunset IMG 1062 IMG 1066 IMG 1067
IMG 1068 IMG 1069 IMG 1070 IMG 1074
IMG 1075 IMG 1082 IMG 1083 IMG 1089
IMG 1098 IMG 1099 IMG 1101 IMG 1096
IMG 1105 IMG 1106 downtown Midland Lunch stop at Smokestack Restaraunt in Thurber
IMG 1124 stitch William, 'shotgun', navigator, photographer and webmaster tall stacks The truck draws admirers wherever it may be