Antique Tractor Show

Cooke County Antique Tractor & Machinery Club
Annual Anitique Show, Lindsay Texas
Labor Day Weekend, 2016 show
Minneapolis Moline dual rear wheels IMG 3549 Twin City - predecessor of Minneapolis-Moline
1934 John Deear Model A.   Paul, Eddie and Andy Furhmann Eddie and Paul Fuhrmann Jason Schumacher IMG 3554
1943 BNH, Jason Schumacher crawler tractor with a steering wheel Dodge Power Wagon Studebaker
~1941 Caterpillar D4, cable operated IMG 3566 Versatile D145, Phil Reiter Versatile D145
Articulated hinge, Versatile D145 4WD, Drawbar only Threshing.  1923 Minneapolis Steam Tractor operated by David Matthews showing belt to threshing machne
Feeding the thresher feeding the thresher lots of moving parts chaff pile
the harvest Allis Chalmers 720 Twin City lineup Hart Parr
McCormick combine Caterpillar 1941 Oliver 60 Row Crop, Leon Knauf Idling John Deere B, unique 2 cylinder sound
John Deere model BO with Lindeman tracks IMG 3580 John Deere 40, tracks and dozer blade MVI 3582
Melvin Voth, Oliver 880 construction Just finished prior to the show.  Only about 12 ever built. Farmall Super A and H lining up for the parade
Lining up for tractor parade.  Following Charlie Paul Fuhrmann,Jason Schumacher appreciative audience view from the parade
IMG 46591 IMG 3591 Lining up again, following Jason Schumacher on wide Row Crop John Deere IMG 3592
Jason Schumacher John Deere A, William Schmidlkofer driver Chuck Schumacher IMG 3595 Rose, Herbert and Charlie
kids use the corn shellers tractors of all sizes baler bale separators.  Gap between slats provides space to pass wire through for hand tying
Baling hay 2016 0903 134159 033.CUT.00-04-01-17 Chuck and Jason Schumacher Herbert Schmidlkofer barrel train
2016 0903 143802 036.CUT.00-01-00-10 belt drive 2016 0903 143844 038 2016 0903 143918 040
shelled corn First contestant for the pedal pull. Pedal pull - kid power 2016 0903 150006 044
the strain is reflected in facial expression pedal power Phil Reiter demonstration John Anderle - full pull
Pull officials:  Phil Reiter and John Anderle final contestant 2016 0903 155246 046.CUT.00-08-00-31