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Car, truck, SUV, van, jeep, off-road, truck, semi, trailer or other vehicle - Phil's has the personnel and the expertise to repair your vehicle and get it back on the road.

Jon Forshee manages Phil's Collision Repair Operations
Give Jon a call at 940-612-4004 or drop him an email at

Phil Reiter is President of Phil's Collision Repair.
Give Phil a call at 940-665-3462 or drop him an email at

Phil's Collision Team methods:


Damage Analysis

The key to our repair process is what we call "Damage Analysis". Instead of having someone look at a vehicle in the parking lot and try to "guesstimate" the damage, Phil's Collision will put the cars on a lift and have two of our most skilled experts disassemble the damaged areas and jointly examine all possible areas of damage to make sure that we don't miss anything. The process does take a little longer, but we rarely miss damage - this means that all parts needed for the repair are ordered and received before we start work on the vehicle. In this way, the flow of work is never interrupted, resulting in a seamless repair process.

Phil's Collision provides free, on-site computerized estimates detailing the repair to be done.


Teamwork and Quality, Always

Once we have properly assessed the damage, we eschew the industry tradition of one technician being responsible for virtually 100% of the repair of the damaged vehicle. Our technicians work in teams with different skill sets allowing us to have multiple people working on the same vehicle as it moves through the repair process. No one person can hold up the process, and at the same time, there is built-in quality audit at each step along the way.


All Insurance Companies

Phil's Collision works with all insurance companies. We are happy to explain all your repair options and the meanings behind confusing insurance terms such as "reconditioned", "like kind quality", "competitive parts", "after-market" and "OEM".


We focus on doing it right.


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